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We are group of Russian developers of instruments for non-destructive testing (NDT) of equipments for nuclear power plants (NPP). Our specialization is making manipulators for automatic non destructive testing and repairing of NPP equipment (reactors, steam generators, condensators, pipelines and so on).

Projects where our developers worked:

  1. system of radiometric testing of cast constructions
  2. system for testing metall of collectors of steam generators PGV-1000
  3. utrasound system ASK-132, ASK-142 for testing of metall of reactor VVER-1000
  4. system for testing metall of tube of condensators
  5. automatic system for testing and clearing thread of pin and pin holes of main connector of reactors VVER.
  6. and so on

We have many original ideas and solvings which have been generated for about of thirty year of working in NDT. We are ready for help you resolve your NDT problems. The complex problem is our specialization.

Our projects

  1. System for eddy-current testing of metall of pin and pin holes of main connector of reactors body (VVER-1000 and VVER-440) (information of russian)
  2. System for eddy-current testing of metall of pin and pin holes of steam generators PVG-1000 and PGV-440
  3. System for automatic eddy-current testing of metall of condensator's tube (information of russian)
  4. Eddy-current defectoscope VDC-2000U "ATON-02"

All described systems have been certified in Gosstandart of Rusian Federation. All testing methods have been approved for application on Russian NPP by Gosatomnadzor of Russian Federation.

Our current projects

  1. System for inside reparing of heat-exchange tube of stem generators of PGV-1000
  2. Automatic system for clearing of pine holes of main connector of reactors VVER
  3. Multichannel system for clearing and thickness measuring of PVD tube
  4. Compact system for NDT testing and TV inspection inside reactors VVER
  5. System for testing nipple of upper block of SUZ
  6. Multichannel multifrequency eddi-current defectoscope

Cooperation offers

We can develope and make any NDT systems:

  • Developing of NDT defectoscopes and software for ultrasounds, eddy-current and TV inspections of equipment, tubes and pipelines.
  • Developing of automatic manipulators for non destructive testing and repairing
  • Developing of software for processing of results of testing
  • Making and cetification in Gosstandart samples for NDT with artifical defects

We can make non destructive testing of the following equipments:

  • Pin and pin holes on non-corrosive and black metalls
  • Heat-exchange tube of condensators.

Additional services:

  • We can help you to register and certify your NDT systems and software in Gosatomnadzor and Gosstandart
  • We can consult you about using NDT in your enterprize

We permanent finding information about providers and developers of components which we are using in our projects.

Please send us information about your products if you develope or sale any the following component:

  1. micro reductors and eloctromotos of ли direct-current
  2. Microvideo camera for using in the tube of 10mm. diameter.
  3. CCD chips for making micro videocamera


You can free download presentations, demo software and films about NDT and our projects.

Contact us

Team director: Yurij N. Fedorov
Tel. +7-(495)710-8279
E-mail: Info@AtomNDT.com